"I want... to leave something behind." Posted on 11/3/2014 by KSTONE

Whoo boy.

I’m back again with a fancy ass clip reel!

Once again, the Vote for Justin Hodge Campaign occupies the front page of the once docile Stoneberg7.com.

I’ve been told this is a good thing.
Relax, goy. I’m kidding.

These videos were desgined to be like those “artsy” MSNBC commercials about old liberals “leaning forward.” Shot in the course of a day, mister Hodge and I travelled all over East Lansing, battling not only the heat, but also the ever un-cooperating sun. All things considered, I’d say it turned out better than expected. So watch em’ and visit Justin’s site for more information on Ingham county's politics… If you must.


"Let's take it a little slower. I don't want to wake up pregnant." Posted on 10/22/2014 by KSTONE

This one was a doozy to shoot due to our ever-decreasing time limit to film. While the first video was quite smooth to shoot, this one was blessed with lighting complications and non-enviable degradation of my (at the time) current glasses prescription which gave Mr. Hodge a delightful "fuzziness" on his face that I was thankfully able to save with Adobe Premiere CC's fantastic sharpening tool. It was around this time that I started using Premiere pretty much exclusively for editing.

Thanks to our tight schedule, we also had to splice together takes in what was supposed to be a singe take video. Oh well, things happen and there are always ways to get around them. In this case it was an awkward YouTube vlog cut that I'm not particularly proud of, but was told by the bossman that it was okay.

So anyway, I'm going to quit rambling with my quasi-Criterion entry about the "process" and leave you with the second in a series of "increasing in quality" videos (at least by the ever cynical Stoneberg view).